Season Carolers' programs are tailored to fit our customers needs/wishes.  For example, we could greet your guests at the door with spirited carols or walk around, stoping periodically to sing in a particular area.  Likewise, we could carol while you enjoy your meal or, another nice touch, come in the front door and suprise your guests while they are enjoying cocktails. 
Traditionally you will see four carolers at most events.  But Season Carolers will work within your budget to accommodate your financial and event needs.  ​ ​Following is a break down of our fees per ensemble - we hope this breakdown helps you create the perfect caroling ensemble for your upcoming event. 
4 carolers for one hour $500.00
4 carolers for one in a half hours $700.00

4 carolers for two hours is $900.00
3 carolers for one hour $400.00
3carolers for one in a half hours $550.00
3carolers for two hours is $700.00

2 carolers for one hour $300.00
2 carolers for one in a half hours $400.00
2 carolers for two hours is $500.00